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Wednesday, 14 January 2009

British Museum

I spent a couple of hours in the British Museum on Friday after a meeting with Phil at Meanwhile. Spent most of the time looking at the Greek pots and some of the friezes. My camera was playing up so I didn't get as many photographs as I wanted, but got a little bit of drawing in too. I really like the technique that's used on some of the pots, where a ground is laid on the surface and then details scratched away - like scraper-board. There is so much detail in everything.

I find the pot paintings to be quite a contrast to Greek sculpture, the paintings are quite stylised in contrast the the realism of the sculpture; they are figurative, but the stylistic quality seems to have been enforced by the medium.

Small selection of photographs from Friday, plus a couple of drawings, I'll revisit this week to spend more time with the sculpture [when I'm not so ill...]:

001002003017006018005007016009004  019021022 008010020011013014001012 002 015

017 018


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